Rationalizing food offer and demand in air-flights. A Lego type menu modular offer to reduce food wastage and increase revenues

It is sometimes a shame to see the amount of food wasted in airplanes after meals due to the fact that the selection offer is very standard and not to the taste of everyone. Sometimes poorly cooked, and the meats overcooked usually.

I have been travelling regularly in the same airlines for at least 10 years and it is incredible -but true- that the same menu is offered since I started to travel long time back

Wouldn't t be better for airlines to offer the menus at reservation with offers that would be modular and people could chose which module to be served and which ones they would skip or have different choices available.

I propose a Lego type modular food offer where you can make your own selection from a standard offer... and even better an offer you can make once you make your reservation.

This could be a premium offer vs no food at all, which many people would welcome because they only pay for what they chose to eat, but a little more sophisticated than sandwiches and chips offered by some airlines, I believe this would be perceived as a better quality of  service  and represent additional income and revenues for the airlines, is a win win proposal
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3 comentarios

  • kgs
    13 de marzo 08:58

    good idea, instead of food simply they can offer fruits, dates and cookies.

  • tdf14
    10 de enero 16:29

    I absolutely agree with this idea. I'm a frequent traveller so I understand what you are saying. I also think it is interesting to put sizes on menus since we need a lot of energy, specially for those we have long long trips.

    please chech my other ideas regarding airplanes
    thank you!

  • mariozinger
    08 de septiembre 20:49

    A great idea!

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