Moving lamps. In the era of mobility why not

Why don't we rethink out of the box and be innovative redesigning the fixed lamps for homes and offices as fixed fixtures.

Wouldn't it be fun and practical to have Mobile lamps charged with batteries as per our computers and mobile phones , so that we can move them around the house to wherever they are needed with or without wheels depending on the use objective functionality.

With new technologies the batteries don't need to be that heavy and cumbersome.

They would be wireless and would sleep in their own sleeping space close to an energy source to recharge when needed


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3 comentarios

  • smithdelabarca
    27 de junio 16:41

    Interesting and fun =) there goes my vote!

  • nikita
    27 de junio 16:37

    I think we could create very innovative lamps.
    Vote +
    Good idea : )

  • draknan
    26 de agosto 01:03

    See this:
    The lamp can by carried where you want.

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