Car radio antenna anti thief protection system

Most of the cars nowadays are equipped with antennas like the one I show in the picture below. As we all suffer.. it is usual to have your antenna stolen at any moment. In fact I just bought my third antenna in a period of 3 years...
Why doesn't the car industry solve this problem? (Hopefully it is because nobody has cared about it rather that they just want to make the people constantly replace antennas...)

As I see it, It would be easy to secure it, even with different levels of security that they could even ad/sell as new equipment to the car.

1 - Placing a regular screw to secure the antenna. (That easy to make change on the design would probably eliminate most of the robberies, as thiefs would need a tool to take it out. I think most of the antennas are stolen in public parkings, or in the street, as the thief passes by your car an decides to pick it up for the fun of it, or simply because it is so easy to do!)

A cheap screwdriver could be placed easy to access in the cars to take the antenna off when washing the car for example.

2 - Placing a security screw to secure the antenna. Why don't make a special screw head so it could only be unrolled using the end of the car key, or hiding a tiny special screwdriver inside the key card?? That way it would make it even harder for thiefs to still the antennas and probably would mostly eliminate the problem.

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  • gds
    07 de agosto 12:31

    aaahhh asi que fuiste tú la que me la birló la última vez!! ;-)

  • ohm
    04 de agosto 12:00

    jajajajaja q bueno! yo utilizo un método muy efectivo aunq poco ejemplar...... ojo por ojo.... lalala

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