Skirts specially taylored for men - Faldas especialmente disenadas para hombres

When it is so hot, why skirts should be designed only for women??? I am convinced that after an initial period they would sell pretty well.

Cuando hace tanto calor, por que deberian ser las faldas creadas solo para las mujeres???? Seguro que tras un periodo inicial se venderian con toda normalidad.
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3 comentarios

  • numerica23
    07 de agosto 18:06

    hello, i think it would be good, what shoes would they wear

  • ana maria llopis
    05 de agosto 09:44

    I think is a great idea you have some cultures where this already happens for instance the Scottish one
    Good morning thanks for your idea. I just visited the site and 10 ideas were there up and running to congratulate my birthday from different cities of the world

  • ohm
    05 de agosto 09:23

    U can also wear them... what stops you? buy one & put it on ;)

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