Intelligent seats

Let the seats do the work!!! Just install a presure and heat detectors. If the weight is over XX kg and the heat is measured in X areas is over X cº then there is comeone sitting on that seat.

Anotherone, maybe even simpler, is to install an optical cell (the name in spanish is fotocelula) that, when the beam is intercepted, interpretates it as somene is sitting on that place. (similar system to that garage door car detector, that when crossed stops the door from closing)
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  • ana maria llopis
    05 de agosto 09:39

    I think there are 2 good ideas/solutions the thermic and the optical ones are new ways of solving it
    Good morning thanks for your idea. I just visited the site and 10 ideas were there up and running to congratulate my birthday from different cities of the world

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