Sleepiness meter

Sometimes I don't know if I am too sleepy or if it's just a headache.
In addition, it could be useful to measure if someone is able to drive, it would be as a drunkometer. A lot of car accidents are caused by sleepiness.
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  • 86jesusgonzalez
    21 de marzo 20:03

    excelente idea tienes mi voto y te invito a que visites mi idea y la valores -_todos_los_veneficios_para_los_ninos_de_africa

  • astuledano
    15 de enero 15:42

    i have te same problem!

  • Kico
    03 de enero 19:41

    As far as I know there is some work about this in Machine Vision. With a camera you acan create an algortithm that can recognize if a people is sleepy or if he/she is already sleeping.

  • nikita
    05 de agosto 11:09

    Ey, great idea!

  • 6tres
    05 de agosto 09:44

    Thanks for your comment.
    It could be like a cap, a helmet or something like that, with electrodes to measure brain waves. I am pretty sure that there is information enough to know how sleepy you are.

  • ana maria llopis
    05 de agosto 09:30

    I think is a great idea
    There was another ideator lilidoret 753 is the number of the idea where she suggest an open eye measuring device but I am sure many ideators will come up with more ideas
    Good morning and thanks for your idea. I just visited the site and 10 ideas were there up and running to congratulate my birthday from different cities of the world

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