A simple nemotecnic solution to keep away from procasinating

First, identify what chres are left to do and their importance. I suggest you divide tem in 3 levels A for "urgent" down to C for "It can wait".

Evidently, A chores will be dealt with straight away--> Your house is burning. so get out!

B Chores will have to be considered as Win-loose situations--> Your first tohught might be "I have to do the dishes and mown the lawn. It's 10:00 am, so I can do it after lunch" but lets imagine you get a call to do things after luch with friends. Now you're in trouble. You can live like a pig, dont wash the dishes nor mown your lawn, and go out with your friends. But the best approah would be to get up, get it over with and have the rest of the day free for your self. Is like seeing a 50$ bill on the floor and not picking it up because you have to dend over. Wrapping up, think "If I dont do it now and do it later it may be a hassle.Better do it now"

C Chores are those that really dont matter--> "I could start doing that rpoject I wanted to do for so long now that I have time". For these situations I have a plain answer "Are you a plant or a person?" Plant life long, but do nothing. People dont live as much, barely 90 years, but have the chance to make a difference

As you see, is just about setting yourself goals and considering pros and cons.
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  • astuledano
    14 de enero 13:37

    good chance man!

  • ana maria llopis
    05 de agosto 10:54

    Good morning thanks for your good advise
    I just visited the site and 10 ideas were there up and running to congratulate my birthday from different cities of the world

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