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  It is a fact that petroleum prices have a direct impact on any country economy. Specially in Spain and the rest of EU, petroleum high prices have made food, transportation,... prices to be increased more than expected. And are in part responsable of the crisis we are living those days.

  Goverments are taking measures to increase the use of hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce petroleum dependency and I think it is a very important step.

  But think about this: Most of the jobs today only depend on a Computer connected to the company network and a telephone. What if goverments promote working from home? With broadband connections and VoIP equipment available nowadays many jobs can be made from home.

  Obviously, telework isn't a new idea. And only some jobs can be done remotely. But making it interesting for the companies with this kind of employees with tax reductions or similar, will be new, at least in some countries. And this kind of messures together with the use of electric, hybrid, hidrogen, will reduce the petroleum consumption cosiderably. And thus improve the economy.

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