crash helmet with ultrasonic sensor


While riding your motorbike you need to watch the rear view to see if there are cars behind or next to you. Doing it you stop looking at the road in front of you.

This system is conceived to avoid this problem, using some ultrasonic sensors which can detect if there are cars around you.

This sensors are similar to those used to park the cars; But in stead of warning you with a sound they put a light pressure on your nape.

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3 comentarios

  • vivekanandajoshi
    05 de agosto 14:40

    you're upto the problem salvation but how you can let ultrasonic rays pass around your brain and also I agree with
    Ideot's analysis.

  • Aji
    29 de abril 18:26

    To see the rear view the bike is accompanied with the rear view mirrors but by adapting the sensors in the helmet the bike rider can get distracted and cant concentrate on the road and it can lead to the accidents.

  • Ideot
    14 de marzo 16:25

    though its a good one its not dependable as a rear view mirror, what if the system stop working or false signals it would be catastrophic and i wouldn't feel comfortable something poking on my head every 10 to 20 seconds

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