"Wipe Out" style amusement park (Translation of idea nº 1470)

Idea translated: nº 1470 of ideator Ohm

I came across an article in the newspaper this morning on a new program on TV. It is based on "Wipe Out", the famous American program...

Take a look:

My idea is simple... create an amusement park that allows people to follow the same route as contestants follow in this kind of program (Wipe Out, Humor Amarillo, etc.)

I guess the park couldn't have too much capacity (because of how long it takes to complete each event, and because it has to be done one by one -although there could also be team events, like they already did in Humor Amarillo-).

I'm not sure it would work business-wise (for my taste there would be too much demand for a single amusement park! :P))... but for people like myself who enjoy this type of laughs/falls activities it would be a real treat!


If any of you has some spare money... you already know what business would make me happy :P
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  • kyo2099
    24 de febrero 05:26

    que loco se ve eso :s

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