Driving tests on Nintendo DS (Translation of idea nº 11148)

Idea translated: nº 11148 of ideator kerlonta

I was thinking about “Touch Generation” game series for Nintendo DS (NDS) -particularly Brain Training-, when I thought of a possible extension or specific application:

The idea would be to create an SW for the NDS (like a game, in its appropriate casing) with which you could practice theoretical driving tests: it would generate tests by randomly selecting questions from a pool, setting them up with the appropriate images, and finally marking your results.

The Spanish Driving Agency (Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT)) already provides, I understand, some type of on-line services along these lines. What would be new or different in my idea, with respect to this option, would be the following:

- we wouldn't need an internet connection: on the bus, between classes, anywhere and at any time, we would be able to practice tests on the NDS: better than on the internet and better than using the book

- The NDS can help us check the time we take to complete tests, which would make our training more realistic.

- Test marking can give further information by showing texts from the highway code. Meaning that apart from telling us the answer to question XX is wrong, we may click on a link that takes us to a paragraph explaining the correct answer or offering further information related to the question.

- Apart from the test-mode, the program could include an “e-Book” with the complete text of the highway code that can be read and used as reference.

- By taking advantage of the NDS's audio options, a large part, or all of the texts can also be reproduced in audio form, so that we may listen to them through speakers or earphones (would be perfect so that we could continue our lessons while on the subway or walking down the street...).

The program's content must obviously be officially approved. I see no problem in distributing it directly through driving schools (just as they now sell manuals and test books...). It wouldn't be a bad idea to rent them (just as there as video-game rental shops), since once you've passed the test, keeping the program doesn't make much sense...

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