Virtual Personal Devices

The main idea is having all these electronics we wear on every day connected between them.

The main CPU will be your PDA. It has wireless, bluetooth and 3G technologies inside.

Your hand watch will be an extension of the PDA screen, so you don´t need to take it off from your pocket. You will be able to see SMS on it, check the call you are receiving ... or just have the time on it ...  :-)

On this screen you will have access to your calendar, mail, etc.

other devices will be:

- Sun glasses with small light color points alerting of incoming call, SMS received, etc
- Of course: bluetooth hearphone and mic.

So the idea is having all these personal devices controlled by software, so they are not single-feature devices any more. You will choose what you want they to be.

I wish someone will develope this idea !!!   :-))
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  • mohammadagha
    07 de julio 19:34

    Hello great idea can we contact please i want to know more about this device.I have a company for and this is a good thing this is my email thank you

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