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I am a college student and discovered this website through an 'online focus group' where people spoke about their ideas and how well this site works.

College students would get great insight into the world and would have valuable input into these types of discussion groups. Researching companies should visit college campuses and hold physical discussion groups as well as sign up students that would be interested in participating in online discussion groups.
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3 comentarios

  • elcondepy
    02 de diciembre 21:19

    Hi Merk, i think is a great idea. You got my + vote.
    You can also take a look at my ideas, just click on my nick, Thanks and good luck,

  • minnie
    03 de junio 18:27

    If I were you I wopuld ptopose it to the main research companies that are not doing it jet

  • rodin
    10 de mayo 16:22

    I could not agree more with you, on the important value the student segment will have in this site once it start to come alive.
    I believe that the founders and executives will offer an online research tool for this purposes
    Please share other ideas they are most welcome

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