I was in Valencia, Spain, today for an international convention of Universia.

We had a concert with the young Orchestra from Valencia it was playing Carmina Burana, I noticed that it was difficult for some performers to keep up with the passing of pages while playing, and even the Director was struggling in doing so and keeping up the pace, then an idea occurred to me to solve this problem: why not have an electronic light digital music book, that passes the music pages authomatically?
I believe this could be a practical and useful solution

Use modern digital technologies in Concert halls to substitue real music books/partituras on music stands.

I encourage Music Auditoriums and Orchestra Services to start producing such help for musicians of the modern world

These, can then also be used in homes and practicing rooms on a daily basis as well and could be a personal item for musicians like thier own musical


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  • Paula R-C
    12 de mayo 22:43

    I have many musician friends and I had to pass their pages when they were playing!I think this is a very good idea.

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