Luggage trunk in trains and buses

Yesterday, as I was travelling in a high speed train, I was wondering why they allow heavy luggage above our heads, without any protection. I think it would be nice if the luggage trunks would be beneath the seats, and not above them. BOth in trains and buses. Either that, or close compartiments like in airplanes...
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ana amelia

ana amelia


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4 comentarios

  • damary
    18 de abril 07:00

    my vote goes to your good idea + + if you can see mine will thank chauu

  • kaisgoo
    17 de julio 10:53

    Muy buena idea. Hacen falta ideators femeninas como tu, con un punto de vista practico y global! Un saludo. voto +

  • echeva
    06 de mayo 18:18

    Good idea! Besides that way the vehicle's center of gravity would be lower and so it'd be more stable.

  • spiderman
    06 de mayo 16:57

    I absolutely agree with you. I think it´s very dangerous to have those heavy baggages above our heads

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