Multiple pipe system for reusing water at home

We wash vegetables in our kitchen and perfectly clean water is gone to the sewer system. We want to take a hot shower and running water is lost during a few minutes.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a switch in the sink and a double pipe system so that we could store clean water for future use like watering. Or not so clean water to flush the toilet.  The idea is to have a double or multiple pipe system and switchs in the bath tub, washbasin, and sink, and be able to reuse the water.

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  • verdeate
    30 de diciembre 06:15

    I like your idea very much... it would be also great to have some kind of pedal so the water runs only when we are using it... you have my vote #13 :) ... and I invite to check anc vote my idea too:

  • astuledano
    14 de enero 19:19

    good info!

  • minnie
    03 de junio 18:26

    GReat environmental saving water idea we should propose it to all architects associations of the wrold

  • ronnie
    07 de mayo 17:29

    water has to be saved and it's efficient use has to be ensured.i think it's a really good idea and i would like to wish u all the best

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