Intelligent use of wasted Human Body Energy

On the one hand: energy is getting scarce and expensive. On the other hand: people are getting fat and unhealthy

How about transforming our own wasted body energy into energy ?

Killer application: a "hand exercising machine" in waiting rooms, for example a doctor's waiting room. People waiting could exercice a bit, and the "hand exercising machine" would produce energy that could for example fuel the lights of the waiting room... Or be stored somehow for a later usage. This "hand exercising machine" could also be an ads support: "this hand exercing machine was brought to you by Coca Cola". The doctor would then: get ads revenue from Coca Cola + save on his electricity bills + have healthier patients (which might be considered as a downside from a doctors point of view...)

Other ideas on the same "human body energy" concept: stairs transforming steps into energy...
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  • thecrowfliesblack
    30 de mayo 20:59

    this is quite a lovely idea and does tackle two problems at once. Kinda reminds me of the whole "rat in a wheel powering something" image but if set up right it could so work.

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