Intelligent use of wasted time in public transportation

Millions of people spend hours in public transportation everyday. Most of them are wasting their time. We could find smart ways to use this time.

Have work-out machines in public transportation: people could exercice, and may be this could produce energy if this were "energy producing exercicing machines (I posted another idea on this item...)".

Have "speed dating" buses or trams: odd seats for guys, even seats for girls, you know you have a limited time to seduce the other person - until (s)he gets of the bus.

Use passengers as transporters: someone going from point A to B could carry letters or parcels...

Any other ideas ?

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  • rodin
    10 de mayo 14:11

    This are good creative ideas but ytou have several idas in this one p
    Save Commentost maybe you want to spread them because each one could be voted separately
    I like the 3 of them very much, but in this manner can only vote once for the 3 of them
    the work out
    the seducing dating
    and the transporters
    great the 3 of them
    share more

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