Website to expose damaged landscapes

It would be great to create a website where everybody could include photos of places, villages, landscapes etc. that are damaged, have been neglected, are being destroyed etc. The photos could be accompanied by an explanation of what has happened or is happening to that particular place, and people could propose solutions to improve that particular place.

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  • Hardik Prajapati
    06 de octubre 11:21

    Also various reasons can be uploaded which associated with that uploaded photographs. This will be used in creating good impact on others for not repeating stuff if they doing so.

  • pankajupadhyay05
    18 de marzo 16:10

    Very good and helpful idea. It surely can help to build things better in the world after upsets.

  • onlyvimal
    24 de enero 14:22

    This is really great idea to improve those places. It can be better if any NGOs near by that place can adopt those places after being a member of such website. Also people who can contribute together small amount to help financially.

    31 de diciembre 17:56

    Excelente idea, voto positivo y te invito a que visites mi idea: -_nuestras_ideas_para_identificarnos_con_la_navidad__incorporate_gifs_anima -t -ed_christmas_in_our_ideas_for_identifying_with_the_christmas


  • neelu
    07 de noviembre 16:10

    what an idea friend , i liked ur idea really and gave u full vote and really great idea crown , u must send this idea in big bang challenge idea so that u can also have chance to win. others see my idea also and vote for me.

  • whizcreed
    07 de septiembre 08:01

    I guess the purpose can be solved by a blog if one wants to bring together a team and blog about it collectively

    Or may be a forum where people can join and participate.

    I see very little complexity in having the website in place than promoting it and getting them to actively participate..

  • krish77
    01 de agosto 18:20

    Any one can submit such photograph, and if you build a web site, can you say its authenticity? Go into the minute things, then start. NOT A BAD IDEA, make it I will help you

  • kaisgoo
    17 de julio 10:59

    Me encanta que haya gente que se preocupe por la naturaleza, hay que cuidarla porque es nuestra 'madre' y la estamos destruyendo. Un saludo, tienes mi voto +. Por cierto mariozinger gran proyecto!!

  • sajid
    23 de abril 07:26

    Yes, that's a great idea, where we will be able to protect and raise voice for the great structures which are been neglected by the people. Heritage buildings need special attention for their restoration and preservation.
    In India there are many historical structures which have been vanished from the maps just because of utter negligence by the govt. and the local people.

    My opinion would be not only to showcase such structures but also to raise funds for those places.

  • kratos1911
    18 de abril 20:13

    thumbs..up! for your idea.. it could be very helpful to aware the public in general.

  • Ideot
    14 de marzo 10:36

    genuine great thinking........

  • kgs
    13 de marzo 08:52

    even heritage items, antique items can be incuded

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