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I have an idea that game developing companies should also release some official mod tools with all of there games as to encourage budding gamers to go ahead and try there skills hands-on. They can experiment with everything and who  knows maybe they themselves officially release a new or improved version of that game...
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  • damary
    09 de abril 03:16

    I leave my positive feedback to your good idea. if you can see mine graciasss

  • Stefy
    19 de febrero 21:34

    The thing is, a lot of mods are experimental and can have different results. Some games like Halo have a program which lets you create your own map which is good because it is then released as an official online map. Mods can go very wrong sometimes but if you create one yourself it is very exiting testing it out. All in all, I think mods should be left to us gamers.

  • angel38696
    31 de mayo 05:40

    That would be a great addition to a lot of games I've played. It'd be nice to be able to change the things that bother you about your favorite games, and also get the chance to try your hand at creating something unique.

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