Built on Short Ads before Ipod songs to raise money for the third world

How about it? Basically ad companies put ads before each song on new ipods (that you can't skip) and the revenue goes to digging wells and provided neccesities for those who need it. It would be an option. A politically consumerist option. What say you?

Basically you go to itunes, and for free you downloads, lets say 20$ worth, of ads. The money going to DATA or ONE or Worldvision etc.If this program is used en masse think about how many millions could be donated by big companies?

It works.
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  • draknan
    16 de agosto 19:50


    You alerady wrote the same idea in this thread: http://www.ideas4all.com/ideas/2134-short_ads_before_ipod_songs_to_raise_money_for_the_third_world

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