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Wouldn't be great to change pet from time to time for those wanting to do it? I mean, you could have a little dog for a while and then change it for a cat, an then for another dog breed, a rabbit, and so on...
This web would connect people wanting to exchange their own pets with others with no cost.

I should have added that it is not an idea for people very attached to their pets but those who get easily bored, because, although you'd rather think they do not exist, they do, and a web like this would at least satisfy their desire of changing constanly and wouldn't end abandoned at the streets, in the forests and so on...
I definitely didn't explain myself correctly and I accept my idea has been misunderstood
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6 comentarios

  • 86jesusgonzalez
    19 de marzo 19:10

    Excelente idea tienes mi voto y te invito a que visites mi idea y la valores http://es.ideas4all.com/ideas/55712-defile_de_modas_en_centro_comercial_con -_todos_los_veneficios_para_los_ninos_de_africa

  • kgs
    28 de junio 06:42

    If the website is ment for educating, creating awareness, protecting animal, pets it will be good, but if it used for selling animals and pets people may misuse . Pet care products can be sold rather than selling pets

  • wayne46
    31 de mayo 06:59

    Bad Idea, I would get attached to the other pets

  • LaceyK
    29 de mayo 16:26

    That is just crazy! You must not be an animal owner. You definitely can't be an animal lover! My dog is very attached to me, and I can't stand to be away from her for even a couple of days,

  • catlover
    28 de mayo 18:17

    Poor animals being shuttled all over the place just to satify some selfish person's whim or mood that week/month?!? BAD IDEA!!! They are living, feeling creatures, not some object put on this earth for your entertainment!!! : ( : ( : (

  • nikita
    08 de mayo 14:25

    What about the animal emotional stability???
    : (

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