Ambu-bike (bike with Ambulance alarm) would solve the problem

First of all the Traffic Police department should lay Ambulance path markings on all busy roads. Path should be in the middle of the road. Marking should be unique in colour and shape. say ======== or ---------------*--------------*-------------. Public can use this path anytime except during Ambulance arrival. In case anybody cross/move on Ambulance path, they are fined heavily.
Apart from this a very important point is that each and every Ambulance should be accompanied by a person with a bike. Ambulance Alarm is installed on this bike too. As soon as the Hospital Authorities get the information about the place they are supposed to head, the bike moves first with Alarm. Then the Ambulance follows the bike. Bike should maintain atleast 1-2 km distance between Ambulance and bike. Bike should be fast enough and the Alarm should be audible enough, so that public can make way for the bike first. Traffic police should show green signal (or high priority) for all the vehicles passing in this direction. Once this bike passes in the Ambulance path there shouldn't be any vehicles on this path. 
I think by this idea we can create way for Ambulance despite heavy traffic.
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