Shower cap to protect cameras

Recently I was to Iguazú/Iguaçu and as I noticed in Niagara, being close to so great falls means getting damped. This isn´t very good for video and photo cameras.

OK, there are some solutions available in the market for sports, heavy rain or even diving, which generally consist on a protective transparent box. But those solutions are bulky, heavy and very expensive. So thinking about a really lightweight, transparent protective bag, I realized, that is exactly what a shower cap as many offered for free in rooms bathrooms in hotels.

So just keep one of those shower caps with you, for example in your pocket or camera bag. Whenever you a close to a waterfall ;-), or just under heavy rain, protect your camera with the cup. You will still see your LCD display and you will be able to manage every control.

Please watch this video with an example.

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