Shower gel dispenser

Instead of using a shower gel container or a soap that slips all over the place. I suggest a wall mounted dispenser that will be able to be filled with your favourite gel/shampoo.

This could be a for single use model and/or a family model with multiple recepticals. Or maybe for multiple gels of different types/fragrances.

Anyone want to explore this further?
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4 comentarios

  • ohm
    02 de septiembre 07:17

    i think it already exists

  • el último xel’naga
    02 de septiembre 03:34

    I think you are referring to this:

  • draknan
    02 de septiembre 00:48

    The last part of the web direction is .jpg (not .j -pg)

  • draknan
    02 de septiembre 00:47

    You mean something like this:

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