Full Basket Indicator

I live in the 2nd most cotton producing area and have worked in the harvesting every year. My job was transporting (boll buggie) cotton from the cotton stripper to the cotton module builder. At night every time the basket was full or almost like 95%, the stripper operator didn't have time to talk on a c/b radion & especially a cellular phone because his total attention has to be on his driving and other mechanical problems. At far distance even with his basket raised up half way indicating he was full is very hard to see and even farther was impossible to visually see. So my idea idea is to install a yellow blinker on the cab and the back of the stripper with a foot toogle switch so that the boll buggie operator knows when the basket is full and ready for transport.
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  • sankayesha
    29 de abril 16:57

    SANKET: we can also install the indicators in the drivers cabin so that the driver comes to know that the basket is full and ready to transport.

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