Bicycles for suburban areas

I just moved, and now that I am leaving outside of my beloved city, grabbing the car to fulfill even the simplest necessities seems a bit too much! All around us hundreds of neat houses shed thousands of people everyday… Many are wise enough to look for public transportation… But that often means walking large distances from the house to the bus stop or train station… So I wonder… Wouldn’t it be nice if the city council would provide the community with free bicycles? They could be standing at the bus stops, and in key places at different streets for people to share… quicker, nicer… I guess the only problem would be that someone would have the lousy idea to rob them!! Maybe with padlocks for the neighbors?


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  • moria
    04 de junio 10:55

    I would totally agree with you Jemidaca, except that if the bicycles were private, then for sure they would be robbed! Since there is no bicycle culture at all here, the city would use those dollars as a means to promote a cleaner way of transportation, showing people how pleasent it can be... Like a marketing campaing in a way... Also, the idea is that you pick up the bicycle in one place and leave it in another... then someone else will pick it up there, and drop it who knows where... It would be difficult to do that with your own bicycle...

  • jemidaca
    29 de mayo 18:52

    Why should the city use tax dollars and man-power to staff many locations with such bicycles? Wouldn't it be more efficient for citizens to get their own? Then the city could give them a rebate or something towards the cost.

  • maki
    23 de mayo 21:35

    I think this is a great idea, it has been implemented in barcelona, check it out:

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