Video books for children

It is known that the new generations are being grown up with images and technologies.
Children would read more, and would even learn faster, if there were books combining video and text: on one side of the book there would be an interactive screen showing what the children is reading and on the other one, there would be the text itself.
Both things togheter could give the children a wider mental conception of what he's reading.
In addition to this, it could help with vocabulary problems by associating an unknown word with its image.
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4 comentarios

  • ushagunjiganur
    11 de mayo 07:19

    good idea, it should not be restricted to afflent families.

  • Ideot
    14 de marzo 11:07

    simply use a computer or a laptops

  • astuledano
    14 de enero 19:22

    yes, I think as you do friend

  • Shaloo
    01 de junio 20:59

    a very good idea indeed. lets hope someone come up with it.

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