Visibility of Exhibit labels and legend when visiting Museums. Minimum Standard requirements are needed to be established and Globalized

The Artistic interest for big Exhibitions in temporary exhibits and permanent collections has drawn a massive market to the Museums in the past decades. This is fantastic because it has democratized Art.

However still the labeling and legend of the works of Art are all over the place, and what is most important in many cases, although with no real statistic at hand but own user experience, the legibility form the distance, the size, contrast of letters, colours, translations, content completeness, real permanent location, ownership, material and methodology, height on the walls and proximity to the works of Art are inadequate.

I have found labels in many exhibitions all together in a wall far away from the pieces of Art in some Museums, some even on the floor.

I believe that if labels content, format and legibility was made standard and simple where maximizing visibility and legibility from a reasonable distance, you would not need to get so close,or have to wear your glasses after a certain age.In addition it would improve the traffic and mobility of the exhibits, now affected by such and frequent incidences, resulting in hindering the flow of viewers.

So this is a call for a rational Ergonomic, simple, Standardization of the subject matter. Hence I propose that, Minimum Standard requirements should be defined and approved by a group of experts, these should be established as standards for curators, Museums, Art Foundations and Public Art Spaces Managers and Directors, and then Globalized
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ana maria llopis

ana maria llopis

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  • mariozinger
    09 de septiembre 13:52

    Es una idea muy interesante, aunque poner de acuerdo a museos, comisarios, instaladores, etc. lo veo casi imposible...

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