Generator with no fuel

I can build a generator which will eat no fuel
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  • vsravi
    07 de noviembre 13:12

    Hello..we would like to know the in tamilnadu there is acute power shortage and power cuts. Wish you could speed up your generator which uses no conventional fuel..please give us feed back about the progress..

  • kshitij
    07 de noviembre 11:29

    well nice thought but wouldn't it be better that there should be no power cut-off to use a generator....hmmmm

  • vsravi
    10 de septiembre 12:15

    It's really going to be revolutionary and award wining..wish you all the best...please go ahead, the ice is melting!..
    Meanwhile, some of us are interested to know in theory, how it works.

  • minnie
    09 de septiembre 16:39

    No Fuel but what source of energy

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