Bad Ideas4all??

I suggest your website should include a category of "BAD IDEAS FOR ALL"... so people could find ideas that are bad because of their results or consequences.

For example Fernando told us how a friend of him tried to free a yatch that got stuck on a beach by pulling the boat from the keel... his hand got caught underneath it and he almost drowned there!.... that’s a bad idea to do falks!
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  • swill
    25 de marzo 09:45

    look here now

  • beegeeaar
    16 de marzo 04:53

    In fact there are two types of ideas and both types affect us. So to be frank, the bad ideas do more harm than the good ideas. So as suggested by my friend above, a provision for posting bad ideas may also be considered for the benefit of all concerned.

  • gerynba
    10 de enero 21:17

    good idea

  • thinkman
    10 de enero 16:14

    I don't agree with the views expressed by the author. Such examples will only mislead and adversly affect on the youth. Your website is okay with the idea.

  • atawulf
    16 de septiembre 20:35

    Me parece bien, pero tambien me gustaria que se pudiese leer en CASTELLANO, imagino que el publicarlo en inglés es para tener mayor difusion mundial...

  • dhouse
    02 de junio 17:48

    now this would be good

  • MaryT
    02 de junio 03:12

    Terrific idea! Maybe some of us that tend to do those "bad ideas" would find ourselves avoiding them :)

  • Bree
    02 de junio 02:18

    I think thats a""Good Idea"

  • Bree
    02 de junio 02:18

    I think thats a""Good Idea"

  • Meghan4986
    02 de junio 02:07

    That would be a good idea. Very practical

  • Vishu!!
    01 de junio 03:08

    I Liked Your Idea Mate......Seems Like It Can Prove To Be Pretty Helpful For Many In Here!!

  • deleteme28
    30 de mayo 21:02

    Great idea!!

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