Alternative to automobiles for travelling

Bewildered at the traffic jam and suffocating smoke, almost an order of the day in all major cities of the world, I used to fancy for long about a special kind of locomotion and travel at speed by human beings on roads  without getting into any fuel consuming and smoke emiting automobile.Just imagine all the roads and converted into "Moving Roads". The commuters have to wait at their usual waiting sheds and,  get into the the moving roads, which stop for almost every minute or or at specific intervals, like you get into the underground metro trains. These moving roads may work based on some modified escalator techology or the bullet trains invented by Japanese. But one problem..what about the seating? What about the safety? Where they will hold their hands and where to fix the handles?... Anyway, I am very sure a day will come we are going to travel on "Moving Roads" which will use no  fuel. It will be based on magnetism and electricity (and, electricity/power derived from Sun!..).
I wish let some humanitarian, visionary millionaires invest their money in such a project..
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