windshield wipers

I always forget to re-fill my windshield wiper fluid in the car. Would it be possible to create a system so that it would automatically fill up with rain water? It would need to detect when it is full, so that it would not overflow.
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  • LymmGeek
    28 de mayo 20:14

    Coupled with this, it would be very useful if there was a way to indicate the current water level in a similar way to the petrol level indicator; in dry spells (rare in the UK) it could give advance notification of low water levels.

  • deedee
    28 de mayo 19:55

    cool idea but wot bout when get rain with grit in it, would need some fancy filtration system which would be summat else to break lol

  • echeva
    15 de mayo 15:25

    Right. I think it is a good idea, but keep in mind, sometimes rain water is so dirty... it should also be filtered. And clean water is not enough, there should also be a kind of chemical pill, something like soap to mix with clean water... Good idea to think about.

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