Radio station dedicated to unemployed people

Hi, I am Praveen aka Palli from Pune. In this recession time worst fear that i have is losing my job. So is the case with many of us. Many of us have already bore the brunt of it by losing their jobs. Its Sad.
Why not have a dedicated Radio station which can keep you informed about all the job postings in your city. They might as well give details of the job, required skills, experience etc. This would help a lot of people who are on a lookout for job but don't even get to know which company is holding walkin, where & at what time.
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4 comentarios

  • dalmata1
    12 de mayo 17:52

    Good idea. You have my vote.
    If you visit my idea of museums:

  • damary
    18 de abril 06:12

    voto positivo++++

  • JoviPac
    12 de noviembre 18:11

    In my country, this exists; they have 8 years doing that, it's a popular radio program.

  • smithdelabarca
    08 de mayo 15:06

    It's a great idea! You've got my + vote!

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