Standard batteries and memory cards for digital cameras and more

I had an Olympus camera and I got a new model as present the other day , unfortunately de micron camera and the previous model don’t have a standard battery in order for me to be able to use the old one as back-up battery when travelling.

This is very unfortunate and not a good consumer practice, I wish I could use my partner or my friends when needed…

Hence I suggest creating a digital camera brand where all its battery models and extra memory cards are standardized and could be interchanged irrespective of size and features.

More over I believe that some of the most popular brands could make a deal/alliance in order to standardize for several brands, and gadgets I mean for cameras, digital phones, pdas, iphones et.., I don’t think this practice is preempting competition but handicapping brands that do not wish to standardize.

If what I propose existed, I would certainly spread the word to everyone I know.

It could create a viral marketing and media exposure.

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