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Some of us give votes in spite of inability to understand the importance of many ideas, – without having any knowledge on the subject (matter) he/she is voting for.

For this basic reason, there is necessity of improvement of the vote system.

In this point of view, there has to be an arrangement of expert vote, side by side of general voting system. The value of an expert vote may be three to four times of a general vote or a special value.

If any one wants to be an expert in any subject (matter), then he/she have to submit the answers of some questions (provided by administration ) on that particular subject, with his/her expert profile.

To encourage us for voting, the administration has to pay some Karma points to all voters (with expert voters).

Here is one more idea: The voters, who gave positive votes to a winning Idea, will also get special Karma point. In other side, the voters those who gave negative votes to a bad idea, that is– defeated idea, will also get special Karma point.

In this way, the voters those who gave negative votes to a winning Idea, will get negative point(s). Similarly the voters those who gave positive votes to a bad idea or defeated idea, will get negative point(s).

Thank you! 

One thing I have watched, any good idea if it comes from eastern countries does not get so many votes from western countries.
The administration has to think about it.

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7 comentarios

  • manasanand
    20 de mayo 15:47

    I agree with you

  • Uniqueidea
    19 de mayo 07:46

    Unique idea

  • Tarak2009
    19 de mayo 07:00

    Very Good Idea

  • TatSwaroop
    18 de mayo 11:16


  • Kartick22
    18 de mayo 09:35

    Good idea

  • maatara
    18 de mayo 07:23

    Positive vote 4 u

  • kgs
    17 de mayo 18:34

    I think in order to implement new voting system they may require new software and also panel of experts. Rather than considering the existing ideas they can atart seperate category in which they can easily implement new voting system. The entry for the category should be restricted.
    Hope they ideas4all product development team consider your idea.

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