After Hours Shoes

How many woman walk home after a night out with heels in one hand and bare foot? If we designed a small pair of ballet shoes to roll into your bag, so small enough to have in a small purse, but good enough to protect your feet on the walk home from a good night out!! 

Save those feet and use this solution!?
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  • swill
    18 de marzo 16:16

    hey look at my page i have better ideas

  • qontext
    05 de septiembre 21:49


  • michaelm87
    17 de enero 15:11

    that idea has already being thought of and women have high hill shoes where u can take the hills of and put them in the hand bag lol

  • nirvana
    07 de enero 01:08

    Good idea!, though already there exist sandals that do it.

  • nvluit
    08 de diciembre 03:59

    it must design why the buyer use it fee free comfortable

  • entreprenure
    06 de agosto 03:02

    they already exsist. i thought of the idea years ago but they click flops,, flip flops that folded in half

  • mistynurse
    04 de agosto 12:00

    This is good idea, but has been b eing used for several yers. These are called footsies, slippers and several other names. They come in small bags with draw strings, are flexible to carry in purse, and haave rubber soles for durability

  • TruemanTheOne
    30 de julio 22:06

    but what makes u sure that they are gonna keep them in their bags, cze most of the woman and that also fashionable ones, carry small and jazzy bags, rather wallets!!!!

  • rodrigocdiniz
    29 de julio 05:24


  • Helen842000
    27 de diciembre 02:34

    These already do exist! They are called Tipsy Feet - currently being sold on amazon.

  • Suskis
    02 de diciembre 11:16

    There are already dozens of shoe brands that sell rollable flat shoes. I can't believe they don't sell in your country!

  • laurenm
    01 de diciembre 07:10

    It's good idea!! I want one of those.

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