Reusing the pods of a Nespresso System

Reusing the pods of a Nespresso System is very easy:

1. Get them from the box and open them with a cutter or knife.

2. Clean it out and fill it with the coffee of your choice.

3. Press it firmly in order to make it dense.

4. After that, just cover the pod with a piece of aluminun paper.

Picture by Marc Wellekötter taken under Creative Commons License. The author does not endorse me or this idea anyway.
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freddy krueger

freddy krueger


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  • echeva
    16 de mayo 04:26

    This is a bad idea, because one of the main advantages of a Nespresso system is that it is really comfortable. The effort for obtaining a good expreso is reduced to a minimun. So... if you have to work so much, why did you buy a Nespresso. Just buy another machine! Besides, a Nespresso pod keeps the aroma, while your system would loose it as it keeps holes, open. So you cannot store refilled pod, but only use them inmediately after refilling.

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