Power producing device

 I this this is more of research than an idea, here it goes

Long docs --

Short --

Its recommended to view the short docs first.
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  • el último xel’naga
    21 de septiembre 13:16

    DE_logics greetings. First, you idea is in English and most users do not know English. I used the google translator. Although not translate well, but I think you idea seeks to capitalize on the electric currents of heaven and storms. Secondly, most users are not experts in physics. I recommend you look ideators whose ideas prove they know enough physics to assess your idea. Contact them and ask them to read your idea.
    I feel unable to tell more helpful.

  • dE_logics
    15 de septiembre 19:31

    People...do comment.

    Its too complicated or somethin'...tell me

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