Copy of Create nuclear energy fans <=> decrease anti-nuclear fans

Original idea by Agustin was:
I'll get all nuclear energy enemies to live in a village connected to a nuclear plant, they could choose whether to switch it on or not, After a few months living there the nuclear plant will be on 24h/24 and the oposition to Nuclear energy will be over.
The point is that the electrical supply network is UNIQUE. Yes, X % from hidroelectrics, Y % from Termics , Z % from solars , K % from eolics and .... H % from nuclears in an UNIQUE global national supply (and sometimes internationally connected)

Maybe if every electric company details in the user's bill the components ( those % ) , the user could understand that he/she is in fact a 'nuclear user' with independence of his/her opinion about the "Nuclear? yes/no" debate.

The target is to decrease the energy consume. If a radical anti-nuclear person could see that detail in his/her bill , maybe he/she would decide to drecrese the whole consume with the objetive of reducing his/her unconfortable 'nuclear contribution'. I think this is the Agustin original idea: "if you don't like nuclear energy, don't use electrical energy in your daily life .... be consistent!"
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