Copy of Universal power source for PC peripherals


This device should provide the right power to the multiple devices present in our tables, attached to the PC: external disks, network boxes, printers, monitors, etc. Currently I have more than ten little current adaptors below my table.

The standar should be around the USB 2.0 power characteristics: same voltage and a fix and little set of current (amperes) values available and selectable.

As in some current PDA, blackberries and smartphones, every mobile phone should be a mini USB conector for data communication and for battery recharge:

That Universal Power Source for PC Peripherals should be compatible with them (PDA's, mobile phones  battery recharge) also.
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  • el último xel’naga
    15 de agosto 20:37

    Sometimes the companies us make it difficult by the way money to become exhausted in buying his products of compatibility.

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