recycling used oil

This a contribution for the Paula problem related to used oil:

The best solution for used cooking oil is a recycling culture helped by city councils and gas stations. 

The used vegetal oil has a direct recycling way to BIO-DIESEL. 

I'm sure that , in the same way we learned to recycle cristal , paper and others, we can learn to recyce oil.

We only need a bit of regulation by our city councils. Just local containers networks and Petroleum Companies collaboration

Yes, I thing the best site for contaniners are the gas stations. The petroleum companies are who perform that process and obtain benefits with the transformed product so they can do the job for free.
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  • el último xel’naga
    15 de agosto 20:33

    Espero que algún día se haga. Sería matar dos pájaros de un tiro, el petróleo y el aceite usado.

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