How to turn right (or left) when you are in the wrong lane

Sometimes you realize you got distracted and you are in the wrong line in a street when you stop at a traffic light. At that moment, you have to turn right (or even left), but you are in the left lane (or even right), or in a central lane. To avoid misunderstanding, from now, let's say you are in the middle lane and you need to turn right.

OK. You need to turn right but... there is another car at your right. Well, don't worry. You just have to wait 'till the other car starts running, and once it is gone, turn right. But... uh! oh! The car at your right has another car behind. Mmmm, his driver has the face of a man in a hurry. And he has another car behind. And that another, and another, and another... what's worse! you have a long line of cars behind you!

So if you wait, all the line behind you will flame you. And you won't have a chance to turn right as your "right partner follower" will take his place... There's nothing you can do! Or...

Well, there is a solution for this problem:

While the traffic lights are red, simply look at the driver on your right with a defiant glance. Smile at him. Move only one eyebrow while watching him. Press your accelerator, let him listen to it roaring while you smile defiant at him...

As soon as the light turns green, the other driver will, very likely, accelerate and start and run fast,

giving you enough time to let him go and turn right, crossing the free space he leaves, before any other

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4 comentarios

  • mandarinablue

    Jajajaja.. que bueno. I can imagine you in this situation and I am sure you will do it! Very good and creative idea and good fun to do too!

  • indigotima

    definitely worth a try, esp with a car worth less than the cost of insurance...

  • nikita

    I will try with my Ferrari! ; )

  • moria

    You have to love the drawings!!...

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