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Changing colour umbrellas

I would really like to have an umbrella that could change colour gradually for a reason or without, but just change colour. Maybe it could turn blue when the temperature gets very cold, then turn yellow while being inside a place...or red at night and green when there's sun (although it rains).
I would be very funny just expecting the next colour and you'd never get bored of your umbrella!
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4 comentarios

  • draknan

    There are glasses than change from clear to dark with the sun.
    Maybe the same technology could be used to make these umbrellas.

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  • pocket_saviour

    Sounds cool. But how would it be powered?

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  • cerebral

    What a great idea - it would look great in cities, where most people use a black umbrella and so the place looks so dull and depressing when it rains - I would buy one!

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  • nikita

    I like colours! But I don´t like rain.

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