News stand in the BUS=Promote reading

My idea try not to get bored in the BUS, OK I know that ye say that there are already screens ... blah blah if you always miss it!
Well the idea is that you spend the voucher for a box = detected the same as paying for transport, and also serves to this (buy the newspaper), and that passing the bond you a discounted € 1 euro and you get the pediórico of the day, two types: sports and news of the world ... but the buses could carry the DNA AS FREE NEWSPAPERS, NEWS ... etc, getting in the same manner as with the voucher = Promoting the interest now and of reading.
Another option: People who do not have access to a BONOBUS may put a euro in a slot in the box magnetic and get the newspaper in the same manner and with the result that bond ... Through a winch and I-illa jeje, because it would be small (just enough to contain the newspapers).


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