Sponsor more electric sockets in airports...

The airport is a frustrating experience… from the moment you get there.

Once you have survived checking-in and gone through security, you have to strategize about killing time till take-off.

What is the one thing, most likely not only to help you endure,
but actually render the experience quite pleasant?

Shopping? Maybe
Eating? Unlikely
Reading? Possibly

It's the plug.

The plug will make most travelers happier because they will be able to power their computer and do things they enjoy.

So why is it so difficult to find a free plug in Charles de Gaules, Heathrow, Boston Logan, Rome Fiumicino etc…?Is it a question of money?

So have the work sponsored by corporation.

Next steps.

Advertisers and marketers: contact the people who manage airports. Tell them you will pay for installing the electrical outlets.

Airlines: get in the game it’s good for you to have happy (tame) travelers when you announced the nth delay.

Us: we will associate your brand with someone who has really helped us when things could have gone much worse.

Just thought about it this morning

wahyd vannoni


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2 comentarios

  • federicosoto
    29 de septiembre 22:53

    Excellent idea Wahyd. All those whw travel often will certainly agree with your idea.
    Thank you!!

  • ideador2025
    26 de septiembre 11:44

    I'm fully agree with your idea.
    And if it would exist some kind of tiny desks among the seats around the boarding gate, it would be superb. Just to avoid to have the computer running on top of your legs.

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