Class-notes web by Teachers and Professors to be download by students for a minimum fee

I believe that there could be some business in creating a website segmented by countries where students could find the notes written by their High School Teachers and or University Professors. These courses class-notes would be available to purchase for a small amount and to download it to their PCs and even to the mobile/cellular phones for portability and reading and studying in any p`lace when they have a chance,

The Teachers/Professors could help each other and share their notes with other teachers in a collaborative manner so that they could co-create, co-author and have improved notes for the different subject matter.

These notes could be provided for free and for minimum fee to students.

Parents could also have access if they want to catch up with today's education and see what their sons/daughters are studying.

If those were available some students could profit from better summarized of classes as well as pay more attention in understanding what has been taught rather than producing accurate notes at a very high speed, leaving little time for attention and understanding

Of course we need to keep in mind that class notes never substitute book and references reading and research

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