Dont worry if you think your idea is bad it could get a reward or a prize, Everything is relative

You need not censor yourself on your ideas or the ideas you post in ideas4all or other sites that run contests as I believe ideas4all should do.

There are prizes for everything around the world and I came across

where the following example was given and which I Quote original form Joan Morris of the Contra Costa Times


Bad idea

British economist John Kay suggested that Venice would be better off economically if it turned itself into a Disney theme park and charged 50 euros to get in. And even though officials rejected the idea, they still awarded him 5,000 euros ($7,315) because they thought it was an interesting idea.

We don't know about you, but if we scored $7,000 for every unaccepted idea we have, we'd be sitting very pretty.

Here's one right now. Let's turn Washington, D.C., into a Disney theme park where people have to spend millions to get in. Oh wait, we already do that. It's called the national elections."

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