Aren't we tired of our furniture, but can't afford new ones. Then exchange with others in an exchange web. Inspired by Moria's similar idea for party dresses.

Sometimes you transfer ideas from one subject to another. Using the good idea of Moria to have a site to exchange party dresses. I thought wouldn't it be neat if we could do so with pour homes decoration and furniture .
WE place the photos of what we want to exchange with others we find the right match and then we swap.
I think it could work pretty well
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  • lambchop
    10 de febrero 01:01

    for an example of how this is already at work in the UK follow:
    Hope it helps!

  • rents14
    26 de enero 03:18

    sweet minnie, excellent idea!

    I posted this other idea
    where I talk about donations as well.

    sometimes we have useful stuff that we dont know where to place, and this website would be useful as well (in case of donations), coz sometimes you dont need anything for exchange

    What do you think about?


  • astuledano
    15 de enero 15:49

    that's my situation!! please do it!

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