Proposed product improvement for Google Analytics maps, By cities details for cities with more than 10 visits

Google analytics maps are helpful but when it comes to the cities details in the world. its world map the details do not show cities below 50 visits entries and for a start up the mash up would be better including all cities, and if not possible at least feature all cities  with more than 10 visits

It is the case of ideas4all with visitors from over 3000 cities the map does not show any visits in Russia, with cities with over 20 visits, China with 7 cities, Japan with 15 cities and Australia with 7 and Melbourne with over 20, France has 54 cities, Italy 27, Brazil 20 Canada 29 Stockholm with 52 and Sweden with visits from 37 different cities and none featured in the city map.
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ana maria llopis

ana maria llopis


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